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Claiming that PBS couldn’t find a time slot for him, Bill Moyers has ended his attempt to return to the network with a new weekly show.

This, despite the fact that the board of the Carnegie Corporation of New York had committed $2 million for funding a new show for a 29-month period.

Moyers told the New York Times in an emailed statement that:

“It was tempting to think once again of creating a forum for voices, viewpoints, and ideas rarely heard in mainstream television, and my colleagues and I were excited about the prospect.”

And under normal circumstances a return by Moyers with financing in place would have probably sailed right through, given the relationship, but these aren’t ordinary times.

The official PBS line is that their plans for the fall schedule are still in development, with the goal of having it ready to unveil as they meet with their member stations next month.

But PBS has come under fire from the Republican controlled Congress, and their decision may have had more to do with the threat of having their taxpayer subsidy reduced by conservatives who view the network with suspicion for its liberal programming bent.

Both sides may be trying to spin this for the media, but there is no doubt that both Moyers and PBS are disappointed that they couldn’t work out a deal. They will probably pin their hopes on reviving their talks after the 2012 elections and a more favorable political climate.




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