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Longtime Clinton ally and political commentator James Carville blasted critics of the Clinton Foundation during an appearance on Morning Joe on Tuesday, while admitting that they shouldn’t have accepted foreign donations. That drew a strong rebuke from co-host Joe Scarborough.

The Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny after Judicial Watch released a new batch of emails that shows that Clinton Foundation donors were given special access to government officials.

Morning Joe panelist Willie Geist asked Carville if the Foundation should have banned foreign donations while Clinton was Secretary of State:

“If you ask me as a political adviser, of course. As a human being, I’m not sure. As a human being I think the foundation does an enormous amount of good, but from strictly political standpoint, my sixth grade teacher is right—somebody is going to hell over this. Because somebody you understand here, or somewhere, this is saving people’s lives.”

Host Joe Scarborough then chimed in, saying that was BS:

“The fact is, if it’s a great charity, and it’s a five-star rated charity, guess what, other people can raise the money. It doesn’t have to be Bill Clinton calling people up making them think if I give him money it could help me out. If it’s a great charity it can stand on its own and other people can raise money for it.”

There is no doubt that Bill Clinton is a master at charming people and can raise a lot of money. But if the foundation is as good as Carville says it is, then it should still be able to raise significant funds without his or Hillary’s involvement.

While Bill Clinton has said that the foundation would stop accepting foreign donations if Hillary is elected president, the fact remains that as long as the foundation is operating with the help of the Clintons, there will always be a cloud hanging over it as to whether or not it is truly a charity or just another vehicle to personally enrich the family at the public’s expense.


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