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Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski blasted Democrats for their hypocritical attacks on FBI Director James Comey after he decided to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Comey’s announcement has sparked a firestorm of criticism from Democrats who had previously praised Comey for the way he had handled the investigation:

“This was a great, credible man with great integrity a week ago. So I don’t really get that. What if there is something big? We’re not going to say it was so outrageous. The bottom line is this all goes back to the server, something she shouldn’t have done, something that was way more than a mistake. Way more. This is a self-inflicted massive wound.”

Brzezinski noted that she has been critical of Republicans for nominating Donald Trump, adding that the Democrats have done an equally lousy job by nominating Clinton, who is under FBI investigation.

And this is from someone who has declared she is voting for Clinton.

The announcement by Comey on Friday came as a surprise and caused Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to accuse Comey of having broken the law, as the Democrats scramble to protect Clinton ahead of next week’s election.

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