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MSNBC’s Morning Joe panelist Mark Halperin blasted FBI Director James Comey for acting as if he were an “arm” of the Clinton campaign by releasing the agency’s notes on their interview with Hillary Clinton on the Friday before Labor Day.

Neither host Joe Scarborough nor Halperin had any kind words to say about Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation:

Scarborough: Oh my god, the sloppiness here is on the FBI’s part.

What’s shocking to me is, find a prosecutor anywhere in America that will come on television today and tell you that they will allow principals to an investigation to sit in on another principal’s investigation in the middle of a possible criminal case.

Halperin: There’s so much to say about the FBI’s conduct here. Those that are skeptical about how he’s done this, look at the Friday release. The guy has not had a press conference, he talks transparency. I’ve become critical of him. I know he has a sterling reputation.

Scarborough: Not with me.

Halperin: To release this on a Friday as if he’s an arm of the campaign, I was stunned. There’s a lot of information that’s of great public interest. If you really cared about transparency, you’d say is the best time to release this, to get a full public hearing on Friday before Labor Day?

The Friday document dump has certainly tarnished Comey’s once sterling reputation, and calls into question just how independent he is from the Clinton campaign.

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