Accuracy in Media

MSNBC’s Morning Joe program didn’t let down the network’s liberal viewers yesterday when in the face of damning evidence of a strong liberal bias at NPR roundly dismissed the the media controversy surrounding the radio network by calling it a” half minute news story.”

Led by liberal guest host Mike Barnicle who was sitting in for Joe Scarborough who called the ridiculous and tedious the panel tried to deflect the charges against NPR by focusing on how much country music the network plays.

Even conservative Pat Buchanan played along for the most part.

But is it a fair analysis when the panel is made up of liberals like Barnicle, Mika Brezinski, New York Magazine’s John Heilemann and Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame?

Buchanan can hold his own and then some against the liberals but even these odds were a bit too much.

Luckily for the rest of us not all the other mainstream media outlets saw it the same way.

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