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Morning Joe: New Hillary Clinton Ads Make Her Seem “Phony” [Video]

hillary clinton in new hampshire [1]

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released two new ads on Sunday night, but based on the initial response from an MSNBC Morning Joe panel, they failed to quiet the skepticism surrounding her honesty and authenticity.

The ads. which focus on Clinton’s family life from her mother Dorothy to her role now as a grandmother, didn’t impress Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough.

I just saw her picture on the front of New York Magazine. Her head was back, it was one of those fake, phony campaign laughs that she does, where she throws her head back and you know it’s phony.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said that the echo chamber matters a lot, and that “There’s no one inside the echo chamber who looks at these two new ads and goes wow, that’s awesome, that’s awe-inspiring.”

Commenting on Clinton’s cautious and insular campaign, Halperin said, “If you’re cautious and everything about your campaign is focus-grouped and polled, you’re not being yourself,”

Therein lies the problem for Clinton as she tries to portray herself as an everyday person—who gets $600 haircuts—but no matter what she does she doesn’t come off as genuine. She looks uncomfortable unless she’s in a controlled environment, she won’t speak to the press and won’t fully answer questions surrounding her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State, or any of the other scandals bogging down her campaign.

Things won’t get any easier for Clinton if, as rumored, Vice-President Joe Biden decides to enter the race. While Obama isn’t likely to overtly endorse anyone during the primary process, there are more subtle ways he could show his preference, presumably for Biden, which could seriously lessen Hillary’s chances of winning the presidency.