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morning joe on brian williams lie

After completely ignoring NBC News’ Brian Williams’ apology for lying about being on a helicopter that came under attack in Iraq in 2003, MSNBC’s Morning Joe finally reported on the story this morning.

In the nearly five-and-a-half-minute report/commentary Mika Brzezinski reviewed the story briefly and highlighted Williams’ on-air apology Wednesday night. Neither Brzezinski nor co-host Joe Scarborough commented on whether or not Williams “misremembered” the facts of the story or had knowingly lied.

MSNBC shirked its duty to report on the story on Thursday so that it could buy itself more time to try and craft a defense for Williams, since he is one of the most trusted liberals in the media and because NBC is paying him $10 million a year to anchor the Nightly News.

If Williams’ politics had been on the other side of the spectrum, he would have been tossed to the curb right away.




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