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As the government shutdown enters its second week, Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough clashed Monday over Sen. Ted Cruz’s tactics, with Brzezinski questioning whether or not the freshman Senator from Texas loves his country:

It shows how much they [GOP] hate him [Obama] and don’t love the country, and that’s what’s scary about this.

Scarborough couldn’t believe what he just heard and asked Brzezinski if she really thought that that they don’t love this country.

“Are you saying they do? Ted Cruz and his group loves the country?” asked Brzezinksi.

Scarborough replied that of course he thinks that they love their country, and that he has never even suggested that craziest leftwing lunatic didn’t love their country.

Brzezinski replied that she thought that Cruz “loves his prospects to develop a database more than he loves the country.”

Scarborough said that he thinks Cruz believes that Obamacare is dangerous and devastating, and that he is willing to take extreme measures to stop it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love this country.

Brzezinski is entitled to her opinion, but to claim that Cruz isn’t patriotic just because he is fighting for what he believes is right for this country and is willing to stand up to the Democrats, is ludicrous. But that’s par for the course at MSNBC.

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