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MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski called the Hillary Clinton campaign’s PR efforts to downplay her email scandal, “a strategy basically dependent on people not being smart, which I think is really condescending.”

Brzezinksi added that “she [Clinton] did break rules, she did break policy,” and vowed to continue to push Clinton to admit on the record that she did.

Joe Scarborough called the parsing of words, “Classic Clinton.” Willie Geist said he was struck by how dismissive the Clinton campaign is—considering China’s attempts to hack government servers—calling it a “deadly serious” issue that isn’t going away.

Brzezinski’s opinion is shared by other liberals who are perplexed and frustrated by Clinton’s handling of the email scandal. They are worried that this will derail her campaign, leaving them with less desirable choices—Biden, Sanders and O’Malley—which would all but ensure that they will lose the White House next year.

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