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Mika Brzezinski Calls for Reporters to Be More Transparent [Video]

On Thursday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski called for news organizations to let reporters be more transparent.

I think that news organizations ought to let reporters, have reporters be more transparent, about who they voted for, where they grew up…

[1]Brzezinski made her comments during a discussion about whether or not ABC’s Martha Raddatz has a conflict of interest as the moderator of the vice presidential debate, since Barack Obama attended her first wedding in 1991.

Morning Joe conservative co-host Joe Scarborough didn’t blame Raddatz for not revealing the potential conflict of interest sooner, instead pointing the finger at ABC who he said has a responsibility to disclose this information.

Brzezinski held herself out as a model of transparency, saying that everyone knows she has a brother who works for Romney and a brother who works for Obama, and that she completely lays out her family affiliations and who she votes for.

Transparency would be great if we could get it. But Brzezinski Is kidding herself if she thinks that the majority of reporters have an interest in revealing more about themselves in the same way she does, because doing so would expose the liberal bias they work so hard to conceal.

And for them that’s a losing proposition.