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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore urged the media to stick together to fight Donald Trump because, he said, they will be under attack during his presidency.

Moore spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday to comment about Trump’s news conference in which he called out the media for their reporting of fake news about him:

“All journalists must realize at this point that they are all in the same boat, and that this is a president who’s going to attack the truth-tellers. And so everyone has to have everybody else’s back.”

Only a liberal like Michael Moore would have the audacity to call the media truth-tellers, considering their recent history of overt liberal bias and reporting fake news.

Moore also wondered if Vegas had a line on how long the Trump presidency will last before his retirement, resignation or impeachment, adding that once he crosses the line and breaks the law Republicans will abandon him.

Lemon pushed back gently saying that he thought that Trump will last as long as people thought he was doing a good job, and that it was premature to talk about Trump breaking the law, though he does need to address the conflict of interest issue.

Trump has rewritten the playbook on presidential press relations. The liberal media and their liberal friends are at a loss on how to cover a president who defies convention and understands that the media need him more than he needs the media.

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