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Left wing film maker Michael Moore accused Obama of trying to destroy the Occupy Movement and wondered why he would do this to a “non-violent” protest.

Moore was a guest on Countdown with Keith Olbermann Tuesday night to talk about the decision to remove the protesters fro Zucotti Park.

Olbermann: Whose plan is it and who do we assign responsibility to?

Moore: Well, there was just a piece that came out from the Minneapolis Examiner a couple hours ago where they quote a Justice official in the Just—in the Obama Justice Department who did not want to be identified, but he said that the federal government has been providing logistical and tactical advice and support.

 They said that it’s up to the local law enforcement officer or agencies as to what—what, you know, what to do. But—but Homeland Security and the Justice Department have been coordinating the sort of advice and strategy and tactics of this so that it remains because you’ve seen that all the tactics of the police have been the same in every city in terms of how they’ve done this in the last 48 hours. So, this is not some coincidence. This was planned. And I think the question really has to be asked of the federal government and of the Obama administration, “Why?”

Olbermann: Yeah.

Moore: “Why? Why are you participating in this against a non-violent, mass movement of people who are upset at what Wall Street and the banks have done to their lives.”

Olbermann: Conveniently, the president can’t be asked that question because he was en route to Australia. On the plane of Air Force One, the Associated Press quoted the press secretary and this is their story—they don’t have direct quotes from the press secretary—but he said, in essence, “The president hopes the right balance can be reached between protecting freedom of assembly and speech”—okay—“ with the need to uphold order and safeguard public health and safety”—because obviously the Bubonic Plague at all the Occupy protests was beginning to get to be a problem when we lost the entire state of Minnesota or whatever he thinks happened. And they added this in the story: “The administration’s position is that each municipality has to make its own decisions about how to handle these issues.” So Mr. Obama is basically saying what through his press secretary here—“You’re on your own?”

Moore: Yes, and—but he’s also saying—I mean, he wants it both ways. His administration is obviously helping them to stymie this movement because—look, no politician, regardless of what party they’re in, wants the people to suddenly be in charge. You know for the power to shift from those who are the elected officials to the people who elected them, which is actually the way it’s supposed to be, that’s a frightening thought. So, I can understand why they’re inclined to do that. They’re no different than any other politician. But because of, you know my support of President Obama, I expect more of him and I don’t expect his Justice Department and his Homeland Security Department to be helping to coordinate the destruction of this movement because first of all, you can’t destroy it. So—so—so stop. Because the majority of Americans want taxes raised on the rich, the majority of Americans believe that you didn’t go far enough on healthcare. You know, you go down the whole list, and the majority now is very much behind the principles of the Occupy movement.

Moore is obviously living in an alternate reality where the Occupy protesters are actually law abiding citizens who would never resort to destroying private property or clashing with police as they have in Oakland and would be free of crime in the encampments themselves.

Obama initially embraced the Occupy Movement but has been less supportive as the number of reported incidents of crime and violence have continued to rise.

Not to let Obama off the hook but as for Moore’s claim that the Justice Department is helping to destroy the movement, the Occupiers don’t need any help because their actions speak for themselves.

Moore has tried to paint himself as one of the 99% that the Occupy protesters  claim to represent but with a reported net worth of $50 million including a  $2 million vacation home in Michigan he looks more like the 1% they are railing against.

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