Accuracy in Media

During a discussion on Current TV about the just passed Michigan right-to-work law, left-wing filmmaker and Michigan native Michael Moore told host Jennifer Granholm that he was “optimistic about the future” because people who voted for Reagan are dead now:

Moore: I’m very optimistic about the future. Young  people—the Adelsons and all those people will be gone. Just like the people who voted for Reagan, the older generation who was really behind Reagan. If you were 55 or 60 years old in 1980 when Reagan ran, you’re dead now. They’re not alive. They left. And when they left, you know, things got better.

Moore then put a little distance between himself and his anti-old people comment:

Moore:  Nothing against—My dad is 91. I love old people. Don’t get me wrong. But, I’m just saying that the previous generations, which were willing to live under segregation, were willing to live with women making a third less than men, were willing to live with all this stuff—they wanted gays in the closet. Their way is over.

While it’s true that most of the Reagan voters who were in their 50’s in 1980 are dead, there are still millions of  voters who were only in their late teens and early 20’s who are very much alive today. Much to Moore’s dismay, they are helping to lead the Tea Party movement, which has had and will continue to have a great impact for decades to come.

It’s far from over and Moore knows it.

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