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Appearing on “Morning Joe” on Monday, liberal filmmaker Michel Moore blamed the Democrat Party’s electoral woes on not running the “right people.”

Moore said failure to put up good candidates cost Democrats not only both houses of Congress and the White House but has left them in control of just six of 50 state governments.

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked Moore what happened to the Democratic Party and did he see anything coming out of Washington from the Democrats that will reverse their losing trend.

“I don’t think the Democrats have yet to offer what the alternative is,” Moore said “And as we sit here today, I mean, you see even for people, you know — ‘We’re going to take the House back.’ And it’s like, ‘Really? Well, where are all of those great candidates for next year?’ I mean, I think people — especially people who watch this show who are wired into politics and what’s going on — Democrats, liberals need to think about running next year or get people in your legislative districts or your state rep, state senate districts to run. Find the beloved American in your district and run that person who can win. And I’ve said this to you before, we have to start running people who can win and people who are beloved by the American people and who understand how to talk to the American people.

“It’s not a knock on Hillary Clinton. It’s six out of the last seven that we’ve won the popular vote. The American public is liberal on the issues, right? The American people believe women should be paid as much as men, are pro-choice, they believe in climate change. You go down the whole list — Americans won’t call themselves liberals, but on the issues they’re liberal. So why do we hold no power?”

When asked about the Democrats’ disconnect with voters, Moore reiterated that the party has been running the wrong people and said they need to do what the right did—running for locals offices, the school board etc… saying he had “respect and admiration for the other side because they get the right people running locally and they have the courage of their convictions to stick to what they believe in.”

Moore warned the Democrats last year that Trump would win the election. He even begged the Clinton campaign to come to Michigan and Wisconsin, which they thought they had in the bag, only to lose those states and the election, sending them and the liberal media into a state of shock and disbelief.

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