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Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, who was in Denver last week to promote a new book and to speak to the Occupy Denver protesters, was not as friendly when confronted by a local reporter, Evrod Cassimy, about his net worth and what he was doing to help the supposed 99%.

Cassimy: Michael, Michael. It’s rumored that you’re worth $50 million, aren’t you part of the one percent?

Moore: I do very well.  And because I do  well I want taxes raised on people who do well including mine.

Cassimy: How are you helping these people with your $50 million?

Moore: I don’t have $50 million.

Cassimy: That’s what it’s rumored you’re worth.

Moore: Really? Is that what you do, sell rumors?

Cassimy: We’re asking if it’s true.

Moore: You’re all just punk media, is all you are.  You lie, you lie to people. Stop lying, stop lying.

Cassimy: Are you not part of the one percent?

Moore: Don’t lie, okay?

The only person lying in this interview was Moore, who has made millions of dollars by distorting the truth in his movies and mocking the capitalist system that has given him a very comfortable life.

If Moore really cared, then why doesn’t he donate the profits from the sales of his new book to help out those who are less fortunate than him. Does he really need $50 million, or whatever the figure may be, to live?

Liberals like to salve their conscience by appearing as if they actually care about the downtrodden, but in reality it’s all just talk.

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