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Megyn Kelly is Killing the Competition

Lineup changes at television networks are always fraught with risk, and even more so when it is done by a network that has been a ratings juggernaut for 12 years. But that’s just what Fox News did in October, and it is paying off big-time.

Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier [1]Megyn Kelly [2]Fox reshuffled its lineup starting in October by moving Greta van Susteren to 7 p.m. and Sean Hannity to 10 p.m., to make room for Megyn Kelly.

Since Kelly’s debut, Fox’s ratings have soared, widening the gulf between the network and its closest competitor, MSNBC.

In November, Kelly averaged 2,495,000 viewers, with 430,000 in the advertiser preferred 25-54 demo. That was more than the combined average of her competitors on MSNBC, CNN and HLN.

Kelly’s closest competitor was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who averaged 914,000 viewers and 224,000 in the demo.

According to Nielsen, in the third quarter of this year Van Susteren, Kelly and Hannity have increased viewership in the 25-54 demo by double digits, with Kelly and Van Susteren seeing a 29% boost and Hannity close behind with a 26% increase.

Since Kelly’s debut on October 7, she has increased total viewership by 24% and 18% in the demo, compared to Hannity’s show in the same time slot, proving that at least for now the reshuffling is a success.

Kelly has been so successful that on more than one occasion she has even beaten Fox’s perennial ratings champ Bill O’Reilly in the demo, and with a little more growth could possibly overtake him permanently as the top show at Fox, which would surely rock the cable news world.