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In a wide ranging interview with Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles at Advertising Week XII in New York, Fox News Channel’s budding superstar anchor Megyn Kelly opined about the political leanings of her colleagues, naming two of them as liberals:

Kelly did so after after being asked only about Fox’s conservative leanings:

It’s not that Fox has some conservative bent like our critics would charge. We present the news in a fair and balanced way. There is no question that Sean Hannity is a conservative.  Bill O’Reilly, I think he’s a populist, but certainly when it comes to family values he’s more conservative. He’ll surprise you, he did push for minimum wage and he’s against the death penalty. And Greta [Van Susteren], I think Greta is a liberal, although I can’t tell you. That’s the prime time lineup.

Bret Baier who is at 6, no idea what his politics are and he and I have been good friends and colleagues for 11 years. I truly have no idea what Bret’s politics are. Shepard [Smith], I’m pretty sure he’s a liberal guy. So, we’re all over the board. Look at our daytime lineup. Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum could not be more fair.  Jenna Lee and Jon Scott are completely right down the middle. It really is fair and balanced. I think we try to tell both sides. The difference with Fox is, unlike many television networks, it’s not dismissive of the conservative point of view.

Conservatives shouldn’t be surprised by Kelly’s naming of Van Susteren and Shepard Smith. Fox surprised conservatives when they lured Van Susteren away from CNN, as she hadn’t given any indication that she was even remotely conservative, and Smith has often raised the ire of Rush Limbaugh and his listeners for expressing opinions that are not in line with conservative thought.

In addition to Van Susteren and Smith, Fox News also has a stable of liberal contributors that they frequently call on to provide the type of balance that is missing from its competitors.

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