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megyn kelly on kimmel

Fox News host Megyn Kelly provided a few humorous moments as she discussed her experience attending the White House Christmas party with ABC’s late night host Jimmy Kimmel:

Kimmel: Is there a separate section for Fox News where there’s no food and dirty forks, or something else like that?

Kelly: You mean there was something other than outside in the rain? Others were inside the building?

Kimmel then asked Kelly if she felt any discomfort about going into a situation like that, referring to the fact that Obama isn’t a fan of Fox News.

Kelly responded that she was looking for her Fox News colleagues, and that while she saw Brett Baier and Ed Henry, “Boy oh boy, did I see a lot of MSNBC anchors. You couldn’t take two steps without hitting one. I think they got a few more invitations than we got.”

That didn’t surprise Kimmel, nor should it have, considering how closely aligned MSNBC has been with the Democratic Party and the Obama administration.

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