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Meghan McCain who was hired by MSNBC to bring a Republican perspective to the network’s campaign coverage may have gotten a little more than they bargained  after McCain expressed how much she loved Michele Bachmann.  McCain interviewed Bachmann for MSNBC and was extremely complimentary during a panel discussion on Now with Alex Wagner.

First McCain admitted that she was wrong in calling  Bachmann the “poor man’s Sarah Palin” and said she is actually the “thinking man’s Sarah Palin” which is a pretty high compliment coming from someone with few if any conservative credentials.  But that wasn’t all she said.

Here’s a sampling of McCain’s love for Michele.

McCain: I will say, as a Republican I do think it’s a value that maybe Republicans value a little bit more. I do care. I do care if you have cheated on your spouse. I do care what kind of character you have. I love that Mitt Romney has been married for 40 years, I love that Michele Bachmann met her husband in college and they have this perfect love life. I mean I was like, “What’s that like, meeting the love of your life in high school?” And I just love that they have this family.

McCain: I thought it was a very sort-of graceful way to say, “I don’t agree with cheating.” I don’t know, I loved it.

McCain: And I would like to say I really, I went in skeptically, I really did. And I just adored her, I just thought she was so warm and so friendly, and maybe it’s because I’m a woman and she was connecting with me as a Republican woman and how we’re sort of negatively stereotyped in many ways. And I just thought she’s very candid about the difficulties of being on the trail.

McCain: We both had similar high school experiences, which I loved.

McCain: I loved it. I wasn’t invited my senior prom either. So I was kind-of like, “girls kick a** later on in life and not in high school.”

McCain: She didn’t, and neither did I, so I loved that, of course.

I’m getting a very warm and fuzzy feeling here.

MSNBC thought they were getting a Republican who would look at the GOP with a jaundiced eye and wound up with a Michele Bachmann cheerleader instead.

While I’m no fan of McCain, if she keeps this up it might make for some interesting campaign coverage on MSNBC much to the network’s chagrin.


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