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chuck todd nbcNBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd has joined his colleagues, Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews, in expressing their concern about Hillary Clinton’s flip-flopping—especially her latest on the TPP—and the effect it will have on her presidential campaign.

Todd said that Clinton is facing a much stiffer challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) than she expected, but she isn’t helping her campaign with her numerous flip-flops:

It would be fair to say that she is not helping herself with her growing list of, shall we say, ‘policy adjustments’ when it comes to the progressive movement. Same-sex marriage, tough prison sentencing, the Keystone Pipeline, and of course, her latest decision to come out against the big Asian trade deal.

Todd then played a clip of Clinton saying that from what she has learned, it won’t meet the high bar she has set, whatever that is.

The problem, according to Todd, is that Clinton was “for it before she was against it,” in a big way, pushing and praising the TPP on 45 separate occasions. She called the deal the “signature economic pillar of our strategy in Asia” in her book Hard Choices, which came out last year.

This latest flip-flip is designed to both curry favor with Big Labor and to blunt Sanders’ unexpected strength in the polls, but she isn’t fooling anyone–especially the liberal media—with her pandering. It could very well backfire on her during the upcoming debates.

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