Accuracy in Media

As most of the world mourns the passing of Ronald Reagan, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi criticized the former U.S. President. Referring to the air strikes Reagan ordered in 1986, Gadhafi told the official JANA news agency, “I express my profound regrets over Reagan’s death before he appeared before justice to be held to account for his ugly crime in 1986 against Libyan children,”  What crime?  What children?

While Gadhafi appears to be reforming and President Bush has even lifted economic sanctions , he still insists in repeating this lie. There has never been any  proof that he even had a daughter. The only pictures that were published before the U.S. raid were of Gadhafi and his three sons. Later news reports stated an adopted daughter had died in the raid, but no picture or body ever emerged. 

Gadhafi has taken advantage of Reagan’s death to repeat the lie and in this case Reuters has helped in spreading it. After all the media scandals on false reporting recently you would think the media would check the facts first. I guess that’s too much to hope for in this case.

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