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Media Matters Duped by Fake Bill O’Reilly Tweet

bill oreilly [1]

Liberal news media watchdog Media Matters accused Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly of promoting a hoax in a tweet over the San Bernardino shootings yesterday, only to discover that the account that the tweet was sent from was fake.

Here is the fake account tweet:

Now the Media Matters (corrected) tweet with the word *fake* added.

If Media Matters had bothered to check the account out before their erroneous tweet, they would have seen that the fake account isn’t verified and had only 97 followers—now 174—which would be ridiculously low for someone who attracts nearly 3 million viewers per night. The genuine O’Reilly account, by comparison, has 876,000 followers.

The San Bernardino killers have been identified as Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27. The motive for the killings is officially unknown, but considering the arsenal of weapons Farook had at his home, it is unlikely to be a case of workplace violence.