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Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone crowed loudly yesterday that Glenn Beck has fallen below the 400 station mark for his radio program and proves that Beck is bad for business.

On June 14, 2010, Premiere Radio Networks announced that Glenn Beck’s radio program “hit a broadcasting milestone of 400 affiliates.” Since then, Glenn Beck’s website boasts that his show is “heard on over 400 stations:”

Well, it’s time for Glenn Beck to update his website and marketing materials.

According to industry data obtained by Media Matters, Glenn Beck’s radio program is now short of its heralded “over 400” affiliate status.  Asked to comment, Radio Business Reporter’s Carl Marucci echoed this finding, stating, “our best gauge right now is also shy of 400.” Premiere Radio Networks did not respond to requests for comment.

This should come as no surprise.  Since the beginning of 2011, seven radio stations have dropped Glenn Beck’s show.

But according to Business Insider, Carusone is guilty of faulty math and Beck is actually doing just fine in the affiliate area.

According to a spokesperson at Premiere Networks, which syndicates The Glenn Beck Program, the show can be heard on more than 430 affiliates.

We took a look at the list of stations that do carry Beck and it confirms this number.

Apparently, Media Matters forgot to add to their count the 88 stations that have acquired Beck in the past year.

Carusone, who is also behind the @StopBeck Twitter account, takes great glee in reporting anything remotely negative that he can dig up on Beck. He may have been just a little too excited this time in taking a swipe at the still popular talker.

Beck is somewhat of an anomaly in the radio talk-show world who apparently can both survive and thrive being dropped or relegated to the back of the radio dial in some major markets, thanks to his tremendous popularity. For example, as far as I know his show doesn’t air on any of the major stations in Washington, D.C. but that didn’t keep him from attracting hundreds of thousands of people to the Lincoln Memorial last year in a highly successful rally that raised over $5 million for the education of  the children of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maybe next time Carusone can contact the syndication and not rely so much on industry hearsay and speculation.

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