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Now that Michele Bachmann is no longer running for president, the media have become somewhat wistful, sounding almost as if they would have preferred that she had stayed in the race a little longer.

FishBowlDC asked members of the press on both the right and left what they will miss most about covering Bachmann, and here are some of the comments:

Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly‘s senior political writer, told FBDC in an email he appreciated the national discussion Michele and her husband Marcus raised concerning his work with a Christian clinic, which reportedly practices reparative therapy for gays. As for a report from WaPo Thursday speculating that Michele may retire from the House, Geidner said, “We’ll have to wait and see (her on Fox News).”

And WaPo‘s Aaron Blake, who hails from Minnesota remarked, “Hearing that lovely Minnesota accent, dontcha know. Now I’ll have to watch ‘Fargo’ or worse, call my relatives, to revisit my roots.”

TWT columnist Emily Miller pointed us to a piece she wrote Wednesday: “It’s certainly a relief that the debate stage will be less crowded,” she wrote, “but it’s worth noting what has been lost: the Tea Party’s highest-profile opponent of Obamacare.”

Agence France-PressOlivier Knox: “She is truly one of the most impressive ‘retail’ politicians I’ve ever seen, who worked to build a rapport with every voter at her meet-and-greet events in Iowa. Also? The Christmas carols she played from her bus’s loud speakers.” and BigGov Columnist Derek Hunter: “Her earnest delivery of every line, her Biden-like verbal flubs, and Marcus, sweet, sweet Marcus. But what I will miss most is the staring contest she had with the nation during every debate… Those eyes were hungry, and the only meal that could satiate that hunger was the White House. Now those eyes will be forever hungry, forever yearning.”

The Hill‘s Alex Bolton: “I’ll miss all the traffic she drives to The Hill’s website, which keeps my editors in a good mood.”

While it is to be expected that conservatives would be somewhat disappointed at Bachmann dropping out of the race, the real surprise is the rather fond memories expressed by the liberal media. When she was running they took great delight in highlighting her gaffes, but never really considered her a serious candidate .

That reaction may be unique to Bachmann, though, as I suspect that had it been any other candidate dropping out, the mainstream media would have been far less reserved in expressing their opinions.

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