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The mainstream media has largely ignored the tea party protests scheduled across the country today.


Some Fox News hosts have been pushing the tea party protests slated for hundreds of cities today, almost to the point that they seem to be the ringmasters of the event.

“It’s now my great duty to promote the tea parties. Here we go!” Fox business anchor Stuart Varney said the other day.

But there’s another side to this saga. Most of the mainstream media fell down on the job, ignoring the growing movement or mocking it as a bunch of wingnuts.

The New York Times has run zero stories (the only mention was Times columnist Paul Krugman taking a brief swipe at the parties.) The Washington Post has done zip until today, with a story on two planned D.C. parties on Page B-4. The Chicago Tribune ran a 300-word story and an item on postal workers mistaking tea for a hazardous substance. The Los Angeles Times did a 500-word piece on a small protest in Hermosa Beach and has a media piece today. The Boston Globe, published in the city famed for the original tea party, nothing. CNN ran its first news story on the protests Monday (followed by a piece by me on the coverage). MSNBC’s coverage had consisted of Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox mocking the “teabagging” until Chris Matthews held a more serious debate on Monday.

When protests are organized by the far left no matter the subject the media does it all can to cover the event,  Since this event is driven by conservatives, libertarians and others who are fed up with our tax system the media is doing exactly the opposite by either refusing to cover the events or mocking the organizers.  Who says the media doesn’t have an agenda?



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