Accuracy in Media

Chris Matthews who gets a thrill just mentioning Barack Obama’s name is puzzled as to why the president hasn’t done more to clear up the birth certificate controversy.

Newly elected Gov. Neil Abercrombie had vowed to put this matter to rest and silence the birthers once and for all but Matthews told Clarence Page and David Corn the following;

I don’t understand why the Governor doesn’t just say ’snap it up . . . send me a copy right now.’ And why doesn’t the President just say ’send me a copy right now.’ Why doesn’t Gibbs and Axelrod say ‘let’s just get this crappy story dead.’

Matthews is right.  If Obama has nothing to hide then why doesn’t he just request the long form record that as Matthews said exists in some storage vault?  That would end the long simmering controversy once and for all.

Obama wrongly assumed that in Page’s words by ignoring this “crap” it would just fade away.  Instead it only added more fuel to the fire.

For Page though he suggests that even the revelation of such a certificate will probably not end it and that the brithers would see that as some sort of conspiracy by a  Democrat governor.  Maybe for some people but I think by and large most people just want to come to a resolution and move on.

Even the ultra liberal David Corn believes it would be a good idea.

If these three liberal supporters of Obama can agree on this issue then it is high time that the president consider heeding their advice and just show us the birth certificate.

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