Accuracy in Media

Chris Matthews sat down with Jay Leno the other night and gave his thoughts on some of the potential 2012 presidential candidates.

Leno: Mitt Romney?

Matthews: The weakest list of candidates I have ever seen.  And the first one on you’re pointing to, Mitt Romney is the reason the list keeps getting longer. Everybody looks at him and says my  God I could beat him. He gives a bad name to empty suits.

Leno: How about Huckabee?

Matthews: He’s one of these guys that comes off as nice, he’s a reverend and a minister and all this. He’s out there selling that Barack Obama grew up with the Mao Mao’s… It think it’s racist.

Leno: Michele Bachmann, the shot heard around the world?

Matthews: I don’t want to be elitist because she’s waiting for me to be elitist, but you ought to at least know high school history.

Leno: Donald Trump?

Matthews: Wouldn’t you like your plumber to know what a pipe was?

Leno: Yeah, exactly.

Matthews: That’s too mean, I want to be somewhat nonpartisan.

Actually if Matthews would be somewhat nonpartisan that would be a great improvement over his current stance. But we all know that’s not going to happen.

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