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Matthews Thinks It’s ‘Dandy’ That Kucinich Could Run in Washington State

Chris Matthews admitted last night that he is more than willing to use his program to help leftist Democrats like Dennis Kucinich keep their seats in Congress.

Matthews discussed the possibility of Kucinich moving to Washington state to run for a seat since he is likely to lose his current seat in Ohio due to redistricting:

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Matthews: Well let me make a promise to you, make a promise to you. Should you make this incredible decision we will be covering your campaign with enthusiasm. That’s a fact, that’s a fact.  I have some influence around here.  I would find it a dandy proposition that somebody from the Democratic left can find another constituency which was just as hospitable to him even if he is screwed by the legislature of his home state.

Matthews apparently can’t bear the thought of losing a left-wing Democrat and thinks it’s perfectly fine if Kucinich moves to Washington for the sole purpose of trying to retain his seat in Congress. And to boot he all but offered to run Kucinich’s campaign for him using the influence he has at MSDNC, I mean MSNBC, to do so.

As for Matthews accusation that Kucinich is getting screwed by his own state legislature, he needs to be reminded that Ohio is losing two House seats due to a dwindling population. Any gerrymander there can’t hold a candle to the new Illinois map which may cost the GOP six House seats in 2012.

Don’t expect Matthews to be indignant about Illinois since it’s the Republicans who stand to get screwed, and that is just fine with him.

If Matthews keeps this up he’ll have to start filing reports with the FEC for the in-kind campaign contributions he has given to the Democrats.