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Chris Matthews used Mitt Romney’s third-place finishes in Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday night to ramp up his attacks on the GOP hopeful, by comparing him to African colonialists.

Matthews: You know it sounds—but Steve it sounds colonial like, “I’m not one of you people, but I can come in and I can run your country better than you can. I know I’m not one of you, but I’m really good at this business sense” you know, colonial—that was the colonial argument, by the way, in Africa. “We’re gonna come in—we may not belong here, we don’t belong, we’re not one of you, but we’ve got this economic sense, we know how to run businesses better.” I’m sorry, these metaphors never work.

Huh? Like the first thing voters think of when they hear Romney speak about his business acumen and how he would turn the country around is that he sounds just like an African colonialist?

That follows on the heels of another comment Matthews made that night when he was talking about the GOP field, and had this to say about Romney:

“It seems to me if they can win – it’s almost like calling up India or somewhere in the third world to get your computer fixed, you don’t care whose fixing it, just fix the damn computer. They want to get rid of Obama, so they’re willing to vote for a guy they don’t like and probably wouldn’t trust his religion.”

Matthews has gone after Santorum and Gingrich, but to a lesser degree, because he feels Romney will be the Republican nominee and sees him as a legitimate threat to defeat his candidate, President Obama, in November and he doesn’t like the prospect of that one bit.

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