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On Wednesday, during a discussion of the Republican Super Tuesday primary results, MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews asked NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd about the reactions of Mitt Romney’s supporters Tuesday night by comparing them to communist North Koreans:

Matthews: Who are these—Chuck, while I still have you—who are these featureless young people waving those placards? I mean, are they—are they Androids? Who are these people that seem thrilled? Look at them, they all go up in unison, they all put their placards up in exactly the same way, there they all are exactly in unison. Is this North Korea? Who are these people? Here’s this kid in the white shirt and the glasses. They all look like the perfect little kids in school with perfect attendance. Who are these Androids?

As Todd pointed out to Matthews, it was a rally and that’s what people do. They clap, they cheer and they raise their signs for the cameras. The comparison to North Korea was ludicrous.

But for Matthews it was just another attempt to discredit Romney as he continues to move closer to the Republican nomination and a potential showdown with Matthews’ favored candidate, President Obama. It could prove to be a very tough election for the President, which is the last thing Matthews wants.

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