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MSNBC host Chris Matthews in an exchange with Keith Olbermann during the inauguration festivities speaking about his network.

from the L.A. Times

As Michelle Obama and Jill Biden arrived, MSNBC co-anchor Chris Matthews took a moment to congratulate himself while talking to co-anchor Keith Olbermann.

Matthews: “I’ve never seen so many teeth in my life. Everybody is smiling. It’s all teeth out there when you get close. Every time I look out at the crowd, the people have got big smiles.”

Olbermann: “A combination of smiling and the weather.”

Matthews: “Your lips start to stick. But I tell you, it’s radiant, the happiness. In fact, just us being lucky enough to be in this business today, looking out the window here and getting the reaction of the crowd when it catches your eye, it’s such a deal.”

Olbermann: “We all walked through this crowd to some degree, and I don’t know how many ‘Good mornings’ were said.”

Matthews: “Well, it sure as hell helps to be on MSNBC today. Let’s talk straight here: This is the network that has opened its heart to change. To change and its possibilities. Let’s be honest. These people watch this network out here.”

Olbermann: “I was also going to say — not just to us. You heard other people say hello to each other, people who didn’t know each other, who are here for one single purpose and were thus already …

Matthews: “This is the network of the 21st century, MSNBC. And I think we’re open to it. And that’s why this crowd knows us.”

Olbermann: “He’s Chris Matthews, and he approved this message.”

They might as well change their name to ONN, the Obama News Network.

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