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Here is a transcript of an exchange Monday night on MSNBC’s Hardball program between host Chris Matthews and his brother Jim who is a republican commissioner in Montgomery County , Pennsylvania.

Chris asked his brother what Barbara Bush had told him earlier in the day about the campaign.

Jim Matthews: George 41 is reading every word in every newspaper in the country he can get his hands on. He doesn?t miss anything in the evening. She said as a consequence there he was doing a lot of screaming at the television at night. He hasn?t thrown anything at it yet ( Jim?s words)

Chris Matthews: Was he screaming at what his sons saying?


Chris Matthews: You know he disagrees with his son about going into Iraq and George Bush senior would have never gone into Iraq, Scowcroft wouldn?t have done it, Barbara wouldn?t have done it.

Jim Matthews the disagreed with Chris and the conversation moved on from there.

Has George Bush ever criticized his son about his decision to oust Saddam in public? Has Barbara? Looks like Chris is making another assumption based on what some former advisors have said. No bias in that as far as Chris is concerned.

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