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Dyed in the wool liberal Chris Matthews who thinks the Republicans are BS’ing the country about deporting illegals  a plan he says will never happen is also skeptical that Democrats really want to address the problem.

This what Matthews told his guests;

“Neither side has offered a compromise proposal which would actually become law. which would deal with the problem” … while “The Democrats on the other hand have been pretty much weak in stating exactly how they’re going to stop illegal immigration, I don’t hear them giving me a clarity as to how they are going to prevent  the continued flow of illegal people  coming into the country, I don’t even think they want to stop it, that’s my belief  so far,  they like it.”

Matthews then hit on one of the biggest issues surrounding the illegal immigration issue when he said that ‘It seems to me that the Democrats are not trustworthy on the issue of enforcement, are they? Tell me I’m wrong.”

Richard Wolffe an MSNBC political analyst then answered Matthews by spouting  the numbers of deportations and employer raids conducted by the Obama administration and said that they wanted to look tough on enforcement because they thought it would buy them something with Republicans which it didn’t.

Even Matthews had a tough time with that explanation.

And for good measure Matthews then went on to question whether or not Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is serious about stopping illegal immigration in Nevada since he apparently has never received a clear answer from Reid on the issue.

Except for the fact that Matthews finished by calling for the type of immigration reformed championed by Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham and even the late Ted Kennedy he almost sounded like some of his competitors on Fox News.

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