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In a discussion with Republican strategist John Feehery and Democratic consultant Mark Penn about the Tea Party’s potential challenge to senators who don’t fit their mold Matthews once again took the opportunity to go after the Tea Party and Michele Bachmann.

Matthews started his attack by asking Feehery:

So the Muslim Brotherhood has a parallel role here with the Tea Party, they’re the ones who keep you honest and decide whether you’ve stayed too long? Whether you’ve got a “Sell By” date looming?

Feehery responded by telling Matthews that both of them worked on Capitol Hill for a long time and that many times members of Congress lose touch with their constituency and that it is was really nothing more than that.

Matthews moved on to Michele Bachmann and her recent remarks on slavery and the founding fathers saying how surprised that he and some African-American people he spoke with were about what she said.  Continuing on Matthews told Penn:

There’s some craziness out there on the right and the fact that these war-hooping nut bags, some of them, are deciding who the senators should be, should make the Democrats feel, like yourself, centrist Democrats  feel pretty happy.

Matthews is a master of hyperbole, but comparing the Tea Party to the Muslim Brotherhood or calling them war-hooping nut bags is going a little too far even for him.

The only reason Matthews spends so much time on Sarah Palin and now Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party is that he sees all of them as threats to the Democrats, and the only way that he knows to fight them is by constantly berating them, hoping someone besides his left-wing viewers will actually believe him.

He has a long way to go since he constantly trails Glenn Beck by 1 million viewers per night.

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