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During an interview with Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) on Mitt Romney’s negative campaign ads in Florida, Matthews asked him why he calls The Washington Post a liberal paper when in his view it is clearly the “most hawkish paper in the country.”

Matthews: Now we’re joined by U.S. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, a Republican from Florida who’s backing Mitt Romney. Well, you just heard that exchange, Congressman. What do you make of the charge that your candidate’s a liar, that you’ve been running negative campaigns down here like the Dresden bombing, 92 percent of these ads are negative. What do you make of that?

Diaz-Balart: You know, look, grow up. I mean, the reality is this, this is a tough game and if anybody thinks that this is tough, wait until they run into the close to a billion dollars that Obama is going to be throwing out in all negative campaigning. Remember that already, the Obama administration has been called out by The Washington Post—not exactly a right-wing publication—where they gave what, 4 Pinocchios—the top Pinocchios—for the claim that the Republicans were going to destroy Medicare as we know it. So, that’s just the beginning, that’s just the beginning of the false accusations that are coming from—that are going to come from the left, from Obama and his folks, to whoever the nominee is. So look, it’s a tough race, Florida is a pivotal state, and you’re going to see people duking it out. However, if you cannot stand the heat of a presidential nominating process, there’s no way anybody could then stand the heat of the negatives that are coming from President Obama, who cannot speak about his record, who doesn’t talk about his record, and who already—before it’s even started—The Washington Post has thrown the 4 Pinocchios at him for his false claims.

Matthews: Why do you call The Washington Post a liberal newspaper?

Diaz-Balart: Well, no, I’m saying it’s clearly not a right-wing newspaper. It’s definitely not a conservative newspaper.

Matthews: Well, it is by my standards, Congressman—

Diaz-Balart: Well, but Chris—

Matthews: It is by my standards.

Diaz-Balart: By your standards—

Matthews: It’s the most hawkish paper in the country. Look, it’s hawkish.

Diaz-Balart: By your standards, The New York Times is a right-wing newspaper.

Matthews: No, no, The New York Times is a liberal paper and almost always right.

The most hawkish paper in the country? That will probably come a s surprise to the Post management and it’s editors, who have maintained a solidly liberal bent for decades.

Matthews tried to paint the Post as being conservative because Diaz-Balart pointed out that the paper called the administration out for its claims that the Republicans were going to destroy Medicare, and as a staunch Obama supporter Matthews couldn’t have the administration’s record tainted by facts.

But to call the Post conservative and the most hawkish paper in the country?

Even by Matthews’  low standards that’s quite a stretch.

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