Accuracy in Media

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann get try to make the case that Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaughs recent public statements border in sedition while host Chris matthews did nothing to counter their notion.


So this is what it has come down to?  Peaceful protests about the government’s increasing intrusion into our lives and the desire to reverse or change course is now labeled by some in the media as seditious? 

The tea party fervor which Beck, Palin, Limbaugh etc… are capitalizing on scares the liberal media and they have been forced to accuse anyone involved with racism, bigotry, violence and now sedition. 

What they fail to realize is that all these accusations only galvanize the movement and make it an even stronger force than it was before which should be good for Republicans and disastrous for the Democrats in November.


Glenn Beck answers Klein.



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