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Last night Chris Matthews shocked some conservatives when he praised Mitt Romney for deciding not to participate in the debate being moderated by Donald Trump this month, and also admitted that he may have believed too much in Obama’s rhetorical skills in 2008.

Matthews: Well there you go.  Let me go to Steve Schmidt for this active, at least cojones on the part of Mitt Romney.  I have to say I’m impressed by anybody who stands up to this guy. I mean it’s not exactly like standing up to Rush Limbaugh these days but almost.

Considering how much Matthews has made fun of Romney over the years and likes to point out what he considers to be a lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy by Republicans, his that’s about as much praise as Romney will ever get from him.

The only reason Matthews bothered, presumably, was that he dislikes Trump even more than he does Romney. So it was back-handed praise at best.

A few minutes later, as the conversation focused more on Newt Gingrich’s ascendancy to the top of the polls, Matthews offered this gem about his own enthusiasm for Barack Obama in 2008:

Matthews: Okay, a little bicentennial moment here on Hardball. Here we go, here we go.  Steve, people like me have been blasted, and perhaps fairly, for believing so much of Barack Obama’s rhetorical skills back when he ran for president. Perhaps those skills have yet to be met by his executive skills. Okay, fair enough.

That’s not to say the “thrill” is gone, but it is an admission by a leading liberal in the media that maybe he was a little too enthusiastic (and biased) at the time and confirms just how much the media was in the tank for Obama.

The Romney comment starts at about the 1 minute mark.

The Obama admission comes at about the 4:35 mark.

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