Accuracy in Media

In a rare feat of courage for a politician, Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich called multiculturalism “bunk” on a local radio show. Ehrlich, the first Republican governor in Maryland since Sprio Agnew said “I reject the idea of multiculturalsim” Once you get into, this multiculturalism crap, this bunk, you run into a problem. With respect to this culture English is the language. Should we encourage young folks here to be assimilated, to learn the culture and values? Of course.”

Ehrlich was commenting on Maryland Comptroller William Donald Schaefers remarks a few days earlier about an encounter he had with a Spanish speaking worker at a fast food restaurant. Schaeffer who has a history of making politically incorrect statements in public was largely ignored when he made his comments. However when Ehrlich made his statements it becomes headline news and he is roundly criticized by Democrats and Latino activists. Yet of 220 calls and e-mails to Schaeffers office, only 10 were critical.

What is happening here is another case of media bias. Schaefer is a lifelong Democrat and served two terms as governor of Maryland. The media often refer to him as cantankerous and use his age (82) as an excuse for not taking him seriously. On the other hand, Ehrlich is a moderate Republican who swept into office in 2002 shocking the media. So it still goes that the liberals get a pass while the politically correct media attacks those that don’t share thier viewpoint.

Governor Ehrlich deserves to be commended for speaking out on a controversial topic and not backing down from his statements when pressed by the media. Thanks Governor for not pandering to the press on this issue.

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