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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is in full swing now and according to Bloomberg News’ Mark Halperin, her populist tone is due largely to the fact that she’s “terrified of the left,” and the possibility that she might lose Iowa.

Halperin was asked by his With All Due Respect co-host John Heilemann how Hillary’s attempt to “balance the left and the center” is going so far:

I don’t think it’s going well. My supposition is that she is so terrified of losing Iowa, and she’s so terrified that, by if she wins the caucuses but some liberal does well enough to wound her, that it’ll hurt her chances, that she’s forgetting the fact that there’s a general election to come if she’s the nominee. She’s terrified of the Left, and it’s showing on a range of issues.

Heilemann responded by saying that “the Left is never going to be fully satisfied”with Hillary unless she becomes Elizabeth Warren, and that will never happen. But he didn’t think that she has done any damage to her campaign yet.

That may be true, but only because it’s early in the campaign. The more time she spends trying to be like Elizabeth Warren, the more damage she does to her overall chances of winning the Democratic nomination, much less the general election. The Warren wing represents a small fraction of the Democratic base, but they are noisy and a nuisance to Clinton and could be her undoing in the end.

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