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While venting last Friday about the lack of what she called the beltway press coverage of Republican town hall meetings, Rachel Maddow took a shot at the Huffington Post website by questioning whether or not it was still preaching the liberal line.

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Maddow praised Think Progress and the Daily Kos, but wasn’t as complimentary to the Huffington Post.

Maddow: This stuff is happening all across the country right now.  As Republicans voted for the Paul Ryan thing and now they have to go home and defend that vote. You would not know that this is happening all across the country if you just read the beltway press or watched most cable tv right now.  It’s only thanks actually to liberal websites like Think Progress and  Daily Kos and thanks to reporters like Jason Linkins at  Huffington Post, which used to be liberal but who knows anymore.

It’s not hard to see why Maddow is confused about HuffPo’s identity these days. After all, Arianna Huffington sold out to an evil corporation (AOL), pocketing an estimated $20 to $30 million, and has declared that HuffPo is now beyond left and right, whatever that means.

Even if HuffPo has lost a little of its liberal luster, Huffington has clearly emerged as the defining force at the combined AOL-Huffington Post. She will hardly remake the new company into a bastion of centrist or conservative politics, considering her own very liberal views.

Never fear, Rachel. HuffPo is still decidedly liberal even it isn’t far enough to the left for you.

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