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hillary clinton facebook chat

Hillary Clinton hasn’t had much contact with the media since announcing her candidacy for president, and what contact she has had has been unsatisfactory, even to her supporters in the liberal media. So a few of them decided that they would join her Facebook chat on Monday to see if she would answer their questions.

The Facebook chat, which was directed at supporters and potential supporters, also included four reporters: CNN’s Dan Merica, The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery,  and  the Huffington Post’s Alexander Howard and Laura Bassett, who actually managed to get their questions answered.

Clinton, who skipped the left-wing Netroots Nation conference in Arizona last weekend, was asked by Lowery about the “Black Lives Matter” movement that disrupted the conference and forced one of her opponents, Martin O’Malley, to apologize for telling the audience that “all lives matter.”

“Black people across America still experience racism every day,” she wrote in response, adding that police body-cameras and sentencing reform were also needed.

During the chat, Clinton received over 1,000 questions and answered 22, keeping with her policy of avoiding the tough questions—preferring instead to talk about pant suits, karaoke and the daily challenge of hair and makeup—over serious policy positions, when given the opportunity.

The media normally would have just observed and reported on the results of this chat, but Clinton’s unwillingness to make herself available made them desperate  enough to join other Facebook users in an attempt to get their questions answered. In this case, they were largely successful—but only because they didn’t ask any questions about her various scandals—ensuring that Hillary would be able to stay on message and avoid embarrassment.

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