Accuracy in Media

Howard Kurtz and his panel on Reliable Sources takes a look back the controversies generated by Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez and Juan Williams that cost them their jobs.

The panel seemed more concerned about Williams and the treatment he received than for Thomas or Sanchez because they were perceived to be anti-Semitic and they didn’t really want to go down that path.  Yet at least with Thomas it would have been an important part of the discussion since she has continued to voice her displeasure with Israel all while denying that she is anti-Semitic.

Overall I think the public consensus is that Thomas received the punishment she deserved, while Williams was treated too harshly by NPR though he recovered quite nicely and while remaining divided on Sanchez.

With CNN’s ratings in the tank they might want to give Sanchez another chance.  At least he still has a better reputation than Eliot Spitzer.

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