Accuracy in Media

As a child growing up I used to enjoy visiting stores or restaurants that had a lobster tank. You know the type, a modest size tank with a half dozen or more lobsters that pretty much just sit there, often on top of each other. It wasn’t very entertaining, but it was the only way I knew that I would ever see a live lobster. Well apparently this is just not politically correct.

Now thanks to Whole Foods Markets, they won’t even be live anymore. Or at least not in their stores. The grocer to the politically correct decided last month to immediately cease selling live lobsters declaring that they weren’t satisfied that the lobsters were being treated humanely. Why? Because a 2005 European study claimed that lobsters can feel pain and can learn and we can’t have any part of our food chain suffer just so we can eat now can we? Lobsters have rights too!

So for now Whole Foods will only stock frozen cooked and raw lobsters. The lobsters will come from a vendor who will kill them immediately after being caught using a pressurized metal tube. How that is any more humane than the current method is questionable, but it does relieve the burden of killing to someone else rather than Whole Foods.

At this rate the next thing we will see are lobsters in large tanks holding their claws together “singing” Kum-Bay-Ya .

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