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One of the hottest debates on illegal immigration centers around the growing number of cities and towns that are struggling with what to do with a growing number of day laborers congregating on street corners and in front of businesses.  Some like Herndon, Virginia decided to build the mostly illegal laborers a facility to make it easier for them to find work over the objections of its citizens.  The elected officials who defied the voters were then summarily tossed out in the next election. 

In nearby Montgomery County, Maryland where liberals continue to tighten their grip on the county government, the newly elected County Executive has decided on a two pronged approach to illegal immigration.  First he decided that after the city of Gaithersburg, one of the largest cities in the county rejected a day laborer site that the county would build one in a nearby city on county land without the consent of the residents.  Secondly, he decided that the county should lend the day laborers money from its economic development pool so that they can start their own businesses.  All this while he completely ignores U.S. immigration laws.

So not only will the county use taxpayer money to build a day laborer center to make it easier for illegal immigrants to find jobs, they also want to use even more taxpayer funds to help them start businesses that would compete with law abiding businesses. 

The new County Executive Ike Leggett can get away with these audacious moves because unlike the aforementioned Herndon, Virginia the Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by more than 2 to 1 and Democrats see increasing the illegal immigrant population as a way to further cement their power as they tend to vote Democratic. 

It’s interesting to note that the county was planning to redevelop the land that they have tentatively slated for the new day laborer center to create more housing in an area that is need of more affordable homes. Somehow I just can’t imagine that a day laborer center right next to residential homes is going to be a great lure for new homebuyers. 

Then again maybe Leggett will turn the housing over to the day laborers as well and let the taxpayers foot the bill for that too!

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