Accuracy in Media

Liberals on Twitter went crazy Friday after an aide to Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) tweeted a misleading video of President Donald Trump appearing to ignore a wheelchair-bound child at the White House.

Ansel Herz, the deputy communications director for Jayapal, tweeted out a video–since deleted, which appeared to show the president ignoring a small boy in a wheelchair reaching up to try and touch Trump’s hand or shake it.

The video was from Trump’s remarks on Monday regarding Obamacare.

Herz then issued another tweet.

If you’re disgusted by this, follow my boss: @RepJayapal. People call her “the anti-Trump.”

— Ansel Herz (@Ansel) July 28, 2017

Of course, liberals jumped all over this without verifying its accuracy.

Olbermann was joined by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who went on a Twitter rant.

The problem is that Trump did indeed shake the little boy’s hand and what’s shown in the video clip was him waving his Secret Service patch at the president, not reaching up to shake his hand.

Just more fake news from the Democrats and liberals.

UPDATE:  Rowling has since apologized to the family of the boy, but not to Trump.



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