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Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, liberal talk-show host Thom Hartmann told guest host Patrick Gavin that Media Matters campaign to get advertisers to boycott Rush Limbaugh’s program may have worked, but that it also hurt left-wing talk radio.

Hartmann was responding to Gavin’s question as to whether or not he viewed Cumulus Media’s threat to drop Limbaugh’s radio program on 40 of its stations as a victory for progressive radio:

No, he, David Brock and Media Matters were leading the boycott Limbaugh crusade and you know, which did, I presumably, did some damage to Limbaugh’s show, but I can tell you it did a lot of damage to progressive talk radio because a lot of advertisers right across the board said, ‘pull me out of all talk radio.’ So I don’t know Limbaugh’s numbers, but I do know on our side of it, progressive talk radio took a hit as a consequence of that.

Hartmann added that Limbaugh is “brilliant” on the radio and will probably be on the air as long as he wants to.

Funny, but I don’t recall reading anything in the mainstream media about the hit that left-wing radio suffered as a result of the Media Matters/Limbaugh boycott efforts, but I guess that’s what happens when liberals are confronted with an inconvenient truth.

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