Accuracy in Media

The liberal media, which have been criticizing Hillary Clinton for not holding a press conference for nine months, got their chance on Thursday and whiffed big time.

Clinton was asked about the tightening poll numbers, whether she thought she was being treated differently because she was a woman, her debate strategy and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe. But there were absolutely no questions about her emails, the FBI’s notes on their investigation of the emails or the Clinton Foundation—all of which the media have been talking about—while criticizing Clinton for her lack of press conferences.

When finally given the chance—even for ten minutes—they chose to feed her softball questions to help make her look good while she criticized her opponent, Donald Trump, without any pushback.

Maybe after Matt Lauer’s tough questioning of Clinton at Wednesday night’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, the media felt some sympathy for her and decided to take their feet off the gas pedal. But in doing so, they failed miserably to do their duty and hold Clinton accountable for her actions.

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