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The Washington Free Beacon scooped the mainstream media with its story shedding new light on Hillary Clinton, but you would barely know it from watching most of the mainstream media’s coverage. Most couldn’t bear to actually utter the site’s name in their reporting, but when they did call it by name, it wasn’t very flattering.

The report was written by WFB reporter Alana Goodman, who also happens to be a former intern with Accuracy in Media. It was based on the documents of Hillary’s late friend Diane Blair, which have been available for public inspection since 2010, but not previously reported on. The documents include diary entries, correspondences, notes, strategy memos and accounts of conversations that Blair had with the Clintons dating back to the 1970s.

Rather than mention the Free Beacon by name, many in the media took great pains to refer to it as a “conservative website,” with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell calling it an “anti-Clinton website” and the “first tranche of oppo research,” in an effort to discredit the report as just another right-wing attack on Hillary.

Surprisingly enough, one of the few members of the liberal media that actually cited the Free Beacon was none other than MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, though he was as dismissive of the report as his colleagues were for exposing Clinton’s thoughts on the Monica Lewinsky scandal—something they would prefer not to remind the public of as Hillary prepares for a 2016 presidential run.

The Free Beacon has had some fun with this though, putting together the following clip of media reports omitting their name as well as using the Twitter hashtag #Saymyname for tweets on the story.

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