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ABC’s The View resident arch liberal, Joy Behar, poked fun at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s weight to say that he is too fat to be president.

Whoopi Goldberg started the segment by asking the audience whether or not they could imagine Christie as president, to which one audience member responded:

Goldberg: I heard that, and you’re right.

Behar: What did she say?

Goldberg: I can’t repeat it, but she’s right.

Walters: Let me just say a little bit about it. What she said is, “Because he’s hefty.” But a different word.

Behar: Hefty, hefty, hefty.

A few minutes later the lone conservative, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, addressed Christie’s popularity and why he would make a good candidate, only to have Behar make another fat joke.

Hasselbeck: The bottom line is his approval rating just jumped ten percent. He went from 44 to 54 because he was hard on unions, and he was hard on a lot of other areas. He is—and I don’t think the Republicans are so much concerned right now, actually I think most people—I think there was a recent poll that just came out that said Americans believe that any Republican right now has a great shot against President Obama. Now I do think Mitt Romney is the strongest candidate, but Chris Christie offers something that, say, Rick Perry and—and Bachmann don’t—

Behar: Krispy Kremes.

Hasselbeck then pointed put that if they had been talking about an overweight woman they would be beside themselves, which provoked denials from Sherri Shepherd and Goldberg who couldn’t see their own hypocrisy.

Then it was Behar’s turn again.

Behar: The last fat president that we had was President Taft, years and years ago. They had—I remember him, I dated him (audience laughs)—they had to make—they had to make a special bathtub for him because he was too fat to get in it. Okay, I don’t think the country’s ready for a fat president again.

That was even too much for a liberal like Barbara Walters who called Behar’s statement ridiculous and said that his weight had nothing to do with his brain or his experience.

This topic must have been chosen by Goldberg who is a New Jersey resident and is no fan of Christie. She accused him of raising tolls for people who can’t afford to drive (Huh?). And for Behar, who hates virtually all Republicans, it was just another attempt to discredit a Republican.

Give Walters credit for not toeing the liberal line of her co-hosts and bashing Christie. But the reality is that the segment never should have aired in the first place.

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