Accuracy in Media

The following appeared in the Letters section of the February 19th edition of FORTUNE magazine.


Offensive Language


For a magazine that prides itself on being a leader in industry, FORTUNE cause me to practically fall off my chair when I saw the subhead “Indian Giver Award” above a piece on how Larry Ellison changed his mind about donating $155 million to Harvard (“Performance Review 2006,” Jan.22). What a culturally insensitive, backward-thinking, racially charged headline! As a regular reader, I find it unbelievable and disappointing-the type of mentality that gets in the way of progress. It should be embarrassing to your magazine and company alike.

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                                                                                                                        Rene Barreda

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I suggest that Rene check for the origins of the phrase Indian giver.  After looking at several sites it is clear that there is no consensus on when or where this term originated and what it really means.  Does Rene find the term Indian summer just as racist and offensive?

Give me a break!

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